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PKT Cryptocurrency

All You Need To Know About PKT Cryptocurrency


In today’s world, everything is digital and online. Whatever you need is just one click away from you. In the growing times when technology is the master of the universe, people have discovered a very interesting thing which helps you purchase any goods or service online without worrying about the cash. It is a virtual currency called Cryptocurrency or crypto. You can learn more about this by clicking over here.

What is Cryptocurrency? 

Thi is a sort of currency available online to buy anything and that involves a ledger that is responsible for the safe capital transaction. Many companies have gone forward to make their currency which can be used for business transactions of that company. These currencies are called tokens. 

To purchase these currencies, you will have to make the transaction in real money. The finest example of it can be casino chips. Like when you have to give the real money for the chips, this is the same. 

These transactions take place on a system called the blockchain. It is a decentralized network established upon this secured technology. This system helps to monitor the transactions and is spread on many networks that monitor them. 

This is a very safe way of the transaction and people confide in it because it is very secure.  These currencies are above the government's manipulation of interference as it has nothing to do with it. 

The idea of crypto came up as revolutionary for the centralized system of banking and the interference of the govt. But unlike the casino chip or paper money, it is intangible good and does not exist in any physical form. Bitcoin seems to be the first to implement this technology and after it, many followed its league. 


Bitcoins are one of the most popular and valuable among others. They are appreciated much for the several benefits they carry like the ability to carry anywhere and everywhere and the transparency it comes with. 

As per several reports, there are more than 6700 types of crypto available in the market, online. This is a type of industry that is growing at a lightning rate as the initial coin offering keeps on raising its value. According to one survey, the net value of all the currencies till 27th January 2021 was $897.3 billion out of which bitcoin alone held the value of $563.8 billion. It is the currency that is used widely because of its huge popularity. 

There are many ledgers available who ensure safe and secure transactions as well as verifying them using strong cryptography for the same. You can also try many websites such as PacketCrypt to purchase the crypto of your liking. With the growing time, people have started to grow a liking for this sort of payment for various reasons. 

Why are people shifting towards the mode of transaction which involves Cryptocurrency? 

People are thinking it to be the way moving forward and regarding it as to be growing more. They believe it will become more valuable with time, so everyone is rushing to purchase it. 

The idea behind the innovation of this method was to remove the interference of the central banks and this is something that is appealing to people. The money held up with central banks tends to lose its value with time because of inflation and that is why people are liking this new alternative which is growing its value speedily. Another reason people’s view is shifting towards this sort of payment is because of blockchain. 

This is the system that ensures that the transactions are safe, and this is the technology that keeps all the records of the transactions. It stores the data in blocks, chaining them together to keep the information decentralized.  

When the data once gets entered into the system it cannot be taken back or reversed. The transactions are recorded permanently and can be seen by anyone. This is a much better alternative to the previous transactional system and secured as well.

Can Cryptocurrency replace the actual currency? Is it a good investment option? 

Some even compare them with checks and say that they both have a similar job of transmitting money but do the cost of the checks as much as crypto cost us just because they transmit money? This point certainly gives many a chance to think if they believed it to be the currency of the upcoming future. For a currency to be used as money you need to know the specific amount to be sure every time you purchase any goods or services but unfortunately crypto seems to lack that, based on its previous history.

So, is it also okay to think that this thing is a good way of investment or not? And the answer is unfortunately no because for the growth of any currency it is required that someone pays an extra amount for that same money.

There needs to be a cash flow in the market. And there is not. That is why they aren't any sorts of investment. If you wish to know about the pros and cons of this then follow this

It is also said that this currency does not have stability which is a concern for many.

Another thing which people are doing is to wait for it to rise in its value which is hampering it to be used as currency. A currency is supposed to be used in the market to become a mode of transaction and not to be kept tucked, unused for future use. 

And this also involves the risk of hacking if you have purchased in bulk or you are a supplier that is why buyers have to be aware of their actions. The risks it involves make it illegal in many countries like china but as of now, it is legal in the United States.